Birds of Southwest Florida

Little Estero Lagoon

Carlos Point CWA

Fort Myers Beach, FL

Little Estero Lagoon is another of southwest Florida's premier birding locations.  One of the main lagoons is located behind and just south of the Wyndham Gardens Hotel on Estero Blvd in Fort Myers Beach.  This is just about 2 miles north of Lovers Key SP.  Parking is difficult and will either cost you to park at the hotel in season or get towed or park across the street in the strip mall.  Be courteous and patronize the strip mall especially for breakfast at the Skye Restaurant.  Highly recommended!


The lagoon is a shadow of its former self as it is cut off from the gulf now but there are other lagoons as you trek south along the beach toward Big Carlos Pass.


Farther south is a Critical Wildlife Area (CWA) which is roped off during nesting season for terns and skimmers.  Snowy Plovers and Oystercatchers can also be seen nesting.  Please respect the ropes and stay low and as unobtrusive as you can during nesting season.


It is often easier to park at the north entrance to Lovers Key SP at the bridge and walk back to Carlos Point and the CWA during the summer months.

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