Birds of Southwest Florida

Anhinga Trail/Eco Pond

Everglades National Park

Homestead & Flamingo, FL

Both the Anhinga Trail and Eco Pond are reached through the south entrance to Everglades National Park as opposed to the nothern section near Everglades City.  From Homestead, FL it is a 38 mile ride back to Flamingo and Eco Pond.  There is not much in Flamingo other than the park vistors center and campground.  It is a great place to kayak Florida Bay and the off-shore rookeries.  Eco Pond is within walking distance of the campground.  Full mosquito protection is require here as we are deep in the Everglades.


The Anhinga Trail is closer to Homestead (about 8 miles) and as such is much more accessible.  A note of caution is that the parking lot is a notorious place for vultures to attack the rubber of your car.  READ THE SIGNS!  Tarps are provided.  The boardwalk is nearby.  Heavy rains in Winter 2016 diminished the overall birding opportunities but historically this is a great place.  Restooms are provided at both places.

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